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Leave Management

HRMS Leave Management system is a cloud-based leave management system that enables you to efficiently manage, approve, and track leave requests and absences from any device.

Users can easily track all types of leave, including annual leave, sick leave, public holidays, private or unpaid leave, or the usage of surplus hours. Absence types can be completely customized and counted in days or hours as paid or unpaid time, that way it’s easy to track work done from home and other types of remote work.

This s a major part of the HR department’s work scope. If done manually, it requires several mundane tasks to be completed and loads of paperwork to be dealt with. Needless to say, all the steps involved in the process are necessary and critical. They generally use time and attendance management software to manage these requests while striking a balance between legalities and employee satisfaction. All this makes having a flawless leave management process imperative.

In today’s time, automating the leave management process is crucial to managing heaps of data better and deriving useful nuggets of information from it.

HRMS Leave Management

Key Features

  • A more streamlined attendance and payroll process
  • Better employee satisfaction and retention rate
  • Ensure enforcement and consistency of leave policy
  • Makes you better compliant with the employment laws
  • The error count in attendance drops significantly
  • Increases the productivity and efficiency

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